INTERIOR DESIGN is all about enhancing the way in which you live, work and function. Where possible, you should surround yourself in colours and textures, that make you feel good. Whatever your style, a good design should wrap you in comfort and a create a sense of joy, well-being and harmony!

My Design House NI see interiors as a fundamental form of self-expression and our best interiors reflect those who own them!

We work closely with every client to establish relationships that encourage a mutual collaboration of thoughts and creative ideas! The most successful designs very often stem from the smallest idea that gently evolves and with the right inspiration and encouragement, explodes into the most beautiful project!

My Design House NI offer a tailored range of Interior Design services that are accessible and affordable to everyone!. We host a broad selection of beautiful fabrics and wall coverings and transform through schemes of wall and floor finishes, furniture, decorative lighting, soft furnishings, accessories and artwork working within the agreed scope, timeline and budget.

Design Services

Enjoy a personal shopping day with an interior designer!

Choose from a beautiful range of fabrics and wall coverings

Full interior design and project management

Lighting, flooring, furniture, fixtures and equipment for all your residential and commercial needs

Soft furnishings, accessories and foliage

Designed for you cabinetry, joinery and upholstery

Custom made curtains, blinds and cushions

Space planning and layout

Interior Designer Carole the founder and CEO of My Design House NI, is sought by clients for her unique, personable approach! Having trained at Ireland’s Dublin’s Design Institute, Carole is passionate about creating designs that truly reflect the people living in them. She also believes that Interior design should not be exclusive and should be and can be available to everyone! Carole loves blending aesthetic symmetry and period features with warm textures and pops of colour! She especially loves to create graceful and timeless designs that incorporate older existing furnishings and preloved treasures with new and contemporary fashion statements !